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“I was in prison and you came to me..”


The work of the ministry began after the 25 day Strangeways (Now HMP Manchester) riots in April 1990. A call went out to local pastors for assistance and Overseer Clive Whittle heeded to the call, helping the chaplain, Rev. Noel Proctor in the relocation of prisoners. When that work was completed, Clive continued working in the Strangeways prison working as a chaplaincy

volunteer and to this day still regularly visits

the prison.


The work of the ministry expanded in the

mid 1990’s when a call went out to for black

Pastors in the Manchester area to work with

the chaplaincy at HMP Styal which at the

time had seen an influx of African and Caribbean

female prisoners.  Clive again heeded to the

challenge and is now part of the Chaplaincy

Team within that prison.


Over the years, Clive has developed

a committed team of volunteers and the

work has expanded to many prisons. In

2009, Compassion Prison Ministries was

set up as a formal body run by a Board

of Trustees.  Clive Whittle remains as the

Chair of the Board of Trustees and as the

Organisation’s spiritual head.



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